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A Look At The Most Common Motorcycle Insurance Claims


Riding a motorcycle can be thrilling, but it also requires the motorcyclist to be more vigilant than a motorist or trucker because a motorcycle might not be seen since it is smaller. Two common motorcycle insurance claims involving motorbikes are when a vehicle makes a left turn in front of a motorcycle or when another vehicle winds up sharing a lane with a motorcycle. Both of these are caused by the other driver's inattentiveness or inability to see the motorcyclist, which is why it is important to get motorcycle insurance quotes.

Owning and operating a motorcycle also means that a motorcyclist will need insurance. Motorcyclists should seek out a variety of motorcycle insurance quotes just as they would for auto insurance. Though the cost of the insurance may seem relatively expensive, you'll be happy to have it when it comes time to make any motorcycle insurance claims.

For motorcyclists, the term "hitting the open road" can be literal. Just about any accident involving a motorcyclist is going to put the motorcyclist on the ground; and with little protection for the motorcyclist, injury becomes a common occurrence. Kirk Bernard, a personal injury attorney in Washington state, wrote that the seven most-common motorcycle injuries are fractures, spinal cord injuries, brain damage and concussions, biker's arm (landing on your arm during an accident), road rash (unprotected skin rubbing against a road surface during an accident), disfigurement and emotional trauma. While you can file a motorcycle insurance claim to cover treatment of the injuries, you'll be much better off if they just don't happen.

Your state will require you to have a minimum amount of coverage for bodily injury liability, but this only covers you if you injure or kill another person. You want to make sure that your injuries are also covered. You should also consider medical payments coverage and uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage when asking for a motorcycle insurance quote.

Any accident will almost certainly damage your motorcycle, which can lead to expensive repairs. Your state will require you to have a minimum amount of property damage liability. This only covers damages you do to someone else's property in an accident. You will also want to consider additional coverage like collision and comprehensive to keep your out-of-pocket costs for repairs low. Comprehensive insurance will cover other damage to your motorcycle, such as hail, fire and vandalism. If you have a fancy motorcycle, you will also want to insure the accessories against damage because regular motorcycle insurance only covers the parts that are considered standard by the manufacturer.

Theft of your motorcycle is also something you need to cover against. Motorcycles are easier to steal because they can be transported to a different location on a trailer. Comprehensive motorcycle insurance will cover you in case this happens.

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