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4 Major Differences Between Motorcycle Insurance Quotes And Car Insurance Quotes


They both have wheels, but this does not mean that car and motorcycle insurance is interchangeable. While purchasing car insurance versus motorcycle insurance is similar in some ways, there are important differences that can contribute to purchasing a policy that suits the applicant's specific needs and usage requirements in each situation.

The first major difference is that motorcycles are used seasonally while automobiles are generally used year-round, and yet the costs of insurance for each are remarkably similar. What this means is that a motorcycle driver will pay nearly as much for a motorcycle insurance premium as for a car insurance premium even though usage rates are reduced. The high premium quote results in part from the reduction in size - a motorcycle is smaller, so risks in case of an accident are correspondingly higher. In addition, weather-related risks are greater for motorcycle riders than for automobiles, so that is factored in to the motorcycle insurance quote as well.

The second major difference is that, unlike with auto insurance, motorcycle insurance guarantees coverage for the driver only. Motorcycle operators wishing coverage for optional passengers will need to make a note to ask about this coverage when gathering motorcycle insurance quotes. In fact, motorcycle insurance also often offers the option to insure just the bike and not the driver or passenger, a facet that is absent from car insurance coverage options. While this can make the motorcycle insurance premium seem lower in cost when compared to car insurance, consider the reason for purchasing insurance before opting for the lowest cost option.

The third major difference is that it is more difficult to find quality coverage for motorcycles than for cars; in fact, many carriers do not even offer the option. Motorcycle operators are considered a greater risk for accidents, and if the applicant's driving record contains prior tickets or accidents on record, even carriers who do offer motorcycle coverage may be reluctant to provide it. Finally, the fourth major difference is that claims are not covered in the same way in many cases, or not covered at all when a motorcycle is involved. For instance, many motorcycle insurance quotes do not include medical coverage in the event of an accident, or if medical coverage is an option it is greatly reduced. This is because when operating a car the risk is greatest to others, but when operating a motorcycle the risk is greatest to the operator. Carriers design policies with these risks in mind and aim to reduce their potential payout at all costs. Understanding the ins and outs of what a motorcycle insurance quote provides an operator is paramount to selecting the policy that is right for the operator's needs.

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