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3 Ways Motorcycle Insurance Plans Cover Small Accidents And Mishaps


Motorcycle insurance plans, similar to other vehicle insurance, offer basic protection from liability as a bare minimum to fulfill the legal requirements most states have in place. Other policy options such as collision and comprehensive coverage are just that, options. Both of these additional coverages are also tied into a specific deductible amount which the policyholder must pay before the policy starts to pay. Because of this, small accidents like fender benders between two cars might not even be worth reporting to an insurer if the cost of the damage is close to the deductible amount.

On a motorcycle, however, even small accidents can cause serious damage. A motorcycle rider isn't surrounded by a steel cage with airbags and seatbelts adding another layer of protection. Falling from a motorcycle, even at modest speeds, can cause extensive damage to an expensive bike and even greater damage to the rider. Riding a motorcycle is much more dangerous than driving a car and insurance companies have the actuarial figures to prove it. Because of this, motorcycle policyholders have to be willing to pay for the privilege of riding.

Motorcycle insurance plans can contain all the bells and whistles you want and every policy should be tailored to your exact needs. If you have excellent health insurance, getting personal injury protection may not be necessary. Collision coverage, on the other hand, is the part of the policy that pays for you to get your motorcycle repaired or, in the extreme, replaced. If you're driving a cheap, small, easily replaced bike, you may not want collision insurance either.

For small accidents that occur while driving, the collision part of the policy is what pays. After the deductible amount is satisfied by the policyholder, the insurer pays the rest, within policy limits. With a high deductible amount, say $1,000, premiums will be lower but the first $1,000 will come out of the policyholder's pocket in the event of a collision.

If a motorcycle is damaged in any way other than while being ridden, such as being vandalized, stolen, or if a long home-run ball accidentally breaks a mirror, the comprehensive coverage is what will pay. Again, this is only after the deductible amount is satisfied, so, unless you have a deductible set at zero, you probably can't get any insurance claim money back for a broken mirror.

Small accidents happen on motorcycles all the time. These are not stable vehicles and can easily be knocked over. You'll need to consider all these factors when choosing various motorcycle insurance plans. Get what you want but only what you need. Have your agent explain every detail of your new coverage.

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