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3 Tips For Dealing With Motorcycle Insurance Claims Adjusters


You've been in an accident, and now it's time to file motorcycle insurance quotes with the other driver's insurance. Assuming the accident was the other driver's fault; you're entitled to a fair settlement whether you broke every bone in your body or suffered a slight dislocation. At this time, you'll probably have to deal with a motorcycle claims adjuster, and this can be a drawn out and painful process. You don't want to get less than your claim is worth, and the insurance company doesn't want to pay out more than it has to. There are a few simple tips to keep in mind when dealing with motorcycle claims adjusters.

First, as with all insurance situations, gather plenty of documentation. This includes written statements from your doctors, as well as statements from a mechanic, physical therapist, boss and anyone else who can attest to the damages that you are owed. By having physical documentation, it will make it much harder for the motorcycle claims adjuster to dispute your case.

Along with gathering all of the proper documentations, do not try to explain the situation to the motorcycle claims adjustor yourself, let the experts handle it. This mainly applies to medical situations; but there can be other times, such as an inability to function at work, in which a letter from an expert will strengthen your case. If you attempt to diagnose yourself in your motorcycle insurance quotes, instead of getting documentation from your doctor, you may forget to give a crucial piece of information, or you may downplay your condition without realizing it. Let the experts write the documentation for your case.

When you are ready to talk with the adjuster about your case, let the adjuster make the initial offer; and don't lower your own offer until they've made a counter offer. If you make the initial motorcycle insurance quote, there is a good chance that your offer will be too high or too low. If it is too low, the adjuster wins. If your offer is too high, the adjuster will have more room for negotiations. Make sure the motorcycle claims adjuster understands that you want a reasonable offer from him, and do not let them sidestep the issue.

If the motorcycle claims adjuster refuses to give you a fair offer, or continues to give you lowball offers, consider hiring a lawyer. The threat of hiring a lawyer may immediately give you extra credibility, but you must be willing to back your threat up. If you feel that you are truly being given a poor option, then a lawyer may be able to help you file an effective motorcycle insurance quote and get the money you deserve.

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