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3 Tips For Buying Motorcycle Insurance With Your Spouse


Motorcycle insurance quotes these days are often priced at competitive rates. With the market being saturated, there are many insurance providers who are ready to offer discounted rates to buyers. However if you are married you would be pleasantly surprised to find insurance rates being significantly lower than rates applicable for singles. Opting for married motorcycle insurance is a great way to lower the monthly premiums on your motorcycle insurance.

Driving Record

The cost of motorcycle insurance irrespective of whether you are married or not would ultimately depend on your driving record. Hence, even if you are married if you or your spouse has several tickets because of a bad driving history it can set you up for higher rates. Insurance providers typically look at the risk element when providing coverage and in terms of motorcycle insurance quotes rates will always be higher if either of you has a poor driving record. This is because of the increased perceived risk the insurance provider sees. Make sure you rectify your driving history before opting for motorcycle insurance.

More Responsible

Generally speaking, married men tend to be more responsible compared to bachelors. This entails that a married man would be more likely to drive safer compared to a single man in his 20s. Single men tend to drive more rashly and hence pose more of a risk in terms of motorcycle insurance. Due to this increased element of risk the insurance company will offer lower rates for married motorcycle insurance compared to conventional motorcycle insurance. This is the main reason why any insurance company would ask whether a person is single or married prior to providing the insurance coverage. Married people have lesser number of accidents and pose a lower risk to insurance companies.

Location and Motorcycle Make

Location will also play a critical role in how expensive or cheap your motorcycle insurance quotes are. For example married couples residing in urban areas where there are more accidents will automatically incur higher insurance rates compared to couples who stay in rural areas. Another factor that plays a role in determining the rate of insurance is the make of the motorcycle. Harley Davidson bikes or sports bikes will incur higher rates compared to regular bikes. This is again because of the higher risk element associated with such motorcycles.

When looking at married motorcycle insurance with your spouse make sure to check prices across as many sites as possible. Ensure that you ask for free quotes from multiple insurance providers to compare and get the best deal online. Always check for a policy that provides high levels of benefits along with affordable pricing structure.

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