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3 Tips For Filling A Motorcycle Insurance Claim


When you are involved in a motorcycle accident, the last thing that you should have to worry about is your motorcycle insurance. By reviewing a few basic tips before you have an accident you can make sure that you can file a claim the right way if you ever need to. All you need to know about filing a motorcycle claim can be summed up in three easy to remember tips.

The first tip that you need to know to file a motorcycle claim the right way is to document everything. Make sure that you take plenty of pictures while you are still on the scene. You should take pictures of both your motorcycle and whatever vehicle the other person is driving. If you document the scene, you can make sure that your motorcycle accident claim can be processed quickly and accurately. There have been many cases where the paperwork for an insurance claim has been misfiled, or when a party changes their story after the fact. By having pictures of the accident you can protect yourself from any potential glitches down the road.

Another vitally important tip for filing a motorcycle insurance claim is to get expert opinions. This useful tidbit of advice pertains to both your personal medical needs and your motorcycle's physical needs. If you are found not to be at fault for your motorcycle accident, the other party may be responsible for your medical bills. Insurance companies can only assess the true cost of your medical bills if you seek help at a medical center. Without an official medical assessment on record, you will not be reimbursed for medical costs. You also need to seek professional assessments of the body of your motorcycle. Just like your medical costs, your insurance company will need an official assessment of the damage from a legitimate authority.

The last tip to file a motorcycle claim is to make sure that you cooperate fully with your insurance company. Filing a claim is a slow process, but your carrier needs to take detailed notes to make sure that your motorcycle insurance premium accurately reflects your driving style. If you cooperate fully, they may even be able to calculate a motorcycle insurance quote that is not significantly higher than your current rate. If you fail to answer all of your carrier's questions, however, or not answer completely, they do not have the information they need. You may end up being charged much more than is appropriate. It may seem like a simple tip, but simply answering questions can lower your rate. Take pictures, ask experts, and answer questions to make filing a motorcycle claim easy and painless.

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