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3 Reasons To Renew Your Motorcycle License


Few things are as alluring to a motorcycle enthusiast as the call of the open road. However, few things are less enjoyable to a new or veteran motorcycle owner than the onerous process of having to renew motorcycle license permits. It can be tempting to take one look at that long line at the Department of Motor Vehicles office and hop right back on the bike, speeding away toward the sunset. However, there are three key reasons why it is not just advisable, not just recommended, but required and necessary to renew motorcycle license permits. The first reason has to do with seeking a motorcycle insurance quote. The second has to do with rider safety and education. And the third has to do with liability and law.

The first reason to renew motorcycle license permits is because there is no way to seek a motorcycle quote without a permit. Insurance companies will require that all insureds hold valid motorcycle permits or licenses prior to issuing a quote. Without a permit, it is not possible to get a motorcycle insurance quote. Without motorcycle insurance, it is illegal to operate a motorcycle. Motorcycle drivers who hit the road without possessing both motorcycle insurance and a motorcycle permit face stiff fines, possible jail time, and most certainly the potential for health and financial ruin in the event of an accident.

The second reason to renew motorcycle license permits is because there is a required test that forces all applicants to learn about motorcycle safety and operation: rules of the road, what types of helmets are safest and most protective, and other valuable educational information. Even if the applicant owns and operates their own automobile, a motorcycle is a new type of motorized vehicle that responds in different ways than a car in different traffic and weather situations. Learning about motorcycle maintenance, operation, safety best practices, traffic laws, permissible and non permissible driving patterns, and more can ensure driver safety even under the most challenging conditions.

The third reason to renew motorcycle license permits is because it is the law, period. It is legally required to have a valid motorcycle permit to operate a motorcycle. The Department of Motor Vehicles charges $15 for the motorcycle permit and $40 for the exam. This is not only incredibly inexpensive when compared to the fine for being stopped with an expired or otherwise invalid or missing motorcycle license. This is even more inexpensive when compared to the expense of losing the right to operate due to failure to carry a valid permit. It is clear that it just makes good sense to renew motorcycle insurance permits - plus, it's the law.

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