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Alaska Motorcycle Insurance

Welcome to the great state of Alaska. While the riding season may not be very long in The Last Frontier state it is the largest and least populated state in the country, with more than 650,000 square miles and less than 630,000 residents - making it a dream for the motorcycle enthusiast who is looking to ride some of the most beautiful roadways our country has to offer. If you live in Alaska and own a motorcycle, however, you need to have an Alaska motorcycle insurance policy to help protect you and other motorists. Fortunately, makes finding motorcycle insurance quotes online easier than ever before.

Alaska Motorcycle Insurance

While Alaska may be beautiful, its rustic wilderness and unpredictable weather offer added risks that you may not see in other states. Even if you aren't overly concerned about your own motorcycle, you need to think about other drivers and your passenger if you have one. An Alaska motorcycle insurance policy will cover medical expenses and property damages if you are in an accident. In addition, motorcycle thefts are a major problem in the state. This means that having a quality Alaska motorcycle insurance policy is very important.

Need another reason to obtain an Alaska motorcycle insurance policy? It's the law, and the state of Alaska has minimum insurance coverages for all motorcycle owners, including:

While not required, the state of Alaska recommends that all motorcycle riders obtain uninsured/underinsured coverage equal to the amount of your bodily injury policy to protect you in case the other driver does not have an Alaska insurance policy.

Alaska Helmet Laws

Alaska motorcycle helmet laws are a bit sketchy and are being challenged. The current law states that a person over the age of 18 may not be required to wear a motorcycle helmet if the rider has an Alaska motorcycle license. The issue lies with the use of “may not”, and the law says nothing about passengers. For this reason, you should contact the Department of Public Safety to learn more. If you are under the age of 19 or hold a motorcycle permit, however, Alaska requires a motorcycle helmet. knows how important it is to have motorcycle insurance in the state of Alaska and that is why we have made it easier than ever to find multiple low-cost motorcycle insurance costs online. Simply fill out our short questionnaire and will return with several insurance quotes so you can choose the Alaska motorcycle insurance policy that meets both your needs and your budget.

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